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What We Do

When Julie and Steve first met Bella, she was 7 months pregnant and shivering while she sat at a bus stop waiting for the bus -- her only mode of transportation. Bella didn’t have the means to get herself to a pregnancy resource center or even to needed pre-natal care. Abortion was a very real option for her. With over 16 years experience in counseling more than 6,000 women facing an unplanned pregnancy, Julie was at the right place at the right time to serve Bella and get her the help she needed. The Pro-Life Training Center endeavors to disciple Christian students to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to impact lives through an immersion in pro-life ministry and labor to see an end to abortion. 

The following are some of the program elements students could participate in, depending on length of stay. The longer the stay, the more program elements occur.

Program Elements:

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment

  • Care Net training program

  • Sidewalk Counseling Training

  • Pro-Life Apologetics

  • Full version of the Heartbeat International training program and. Topics include:

    • History of abortion legislation in America

    • The “Love Approach” (how to lovingly care for women in an unexpected pregnancy)

    • Fetal development, fertility, abortion, pregnancy, parenting options, sexual integrity

    • (risk avoidance)

  • Work in several Pregnancy Resource Centers

  • Pro-life events/conference possibilities:

    • Pro-life women’s conference

    • National Right to Life convention

  • Historical field trips possibilities:

    • Pro-life history

    • Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia

  • Guest speakers

  • Sidewalk Advocacy – once or more times a week in front of an abortion clinic

  • Work with Alight (pregnancy resource center in Troy, NY) Stork Bus every other week or so

  • Develop a love for the movement

  • Learn how to think/talk/act pro-life

  • Learn how to reach the broken and witness to them

  • Learn how to practically help women in crisis pregnancy

  • Find your niche in the pro-life movement, if you are called to it.

  • Learn how to educate your church and community on how they can be engaged in pro-life

  • ministry

  • Fun events and activities


APPLY today:

1-3 Week Training

Action-packed exposure to Pro-Life ministry

1-3 Month Training

Gain a solid competence of Pro-Life ministry

Custom Training

Customize your length of stay and training content.  Spend up to a year or more.