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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

When Julie and Steve first met Bella, she was 7 months pregnant and shivering while she sat at a bus stop waiting for the bus -- her only mode of transportation. Bella didn’t have the means to get herself to a pregnancy resource center or even to needed pre-natal care. Abortion was a very real option for her. With over 16 years experience in counseling more than 6,000 women facing an unplanned pregnancy, Julie was at the right place at the right time to serve Bella and get her the help she needed. The Pro-Life Training Center endeavors to disciple Christian students to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to impact lives through an immersion in pro-life ministry and labor to see an end to abortion.

Through active involvement in pro-life ministry, students will learn to reach the hearts of men and women who are vulnerable to abortion. Students will become equipped in communicating the sanctity of human life worldview.

“Unique” is an appropriate word to describe the experience students will have. Students live, eat, sleep, study, cook, and clean in a 9,600 square foot historical mansion containing 23 bedrooms, a commercial kitchen, a dining hall, and 3 lounges. Formal classroom learning, Bible studies, devotions, and messages by guest speakers and pastors occur in the 3 lounges and the dining hall. The lounges and dining hall are also places to relax and fellowship, as well as hold community events.

On-the-job field training plays a major role in the student experience. There are 7 pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) within a 30-mile radius of the Pro-Life Training Center. At those PRCs, students will learn and practice ministering with love and compassion. There are also 6 abortion facilities, including 4 Planned Parenthoods, outside of which students learn to respectfully and empathetically interact with abortion-minded men and women. Students also travel throughout New York State (including NYC) and beyond to learn and work at PRCs and in front of abortion facilities.

Our vision is to be an internationally recognized, respected, and preferred pro-life training center where individuals and organizations desire to be trained.

In 2017 (the last year for which figures are available) there were approximately 105,000 abortions in New York State according to the Guttmacher Institute. Approximately 1,788 babies are aborted daily in the United States according to Save the Storks ( The Pro-Life Training Center comes along-side the church in educating and preparing people to defend God’s truth of the sanctity of human life.

WHO: Julie and Steve run the Pro-Life Training Center. They were married in December 2014 and have been raising foster children and serving the pro-life movement together! Steve especially enjoys leading the home spiritually, leading devotions, and talking with abortion vulnerable men to encourage them in their Fatherhood. Together they will train and care for the students at the training center. Here they are with their three kids, adopted from the foster care system in September 2019. 

HOW THE STUDENT MISSIONARIES SERVE: Julie and Katherine, a student at the Pro-Life Training Center, accompanied a young woman facing a crisis pregnancy to her ultrasound. Amber did not have anyone else to go with her and she begged Julie, whom she had known for 6 years. Amber, who was due the following month, had not received any prenatal care due to pervasive hopelessness, abuse, and lack of support. Katherine remarked about this experience, “It made me realize how much I could impact someone with just a little bit of my time and prayer. There is a sense of purpose in helping a person realize their own worth and the worth of their baby in God's eyes." Because of the connection Julie and Katherine made with Amber, she decided that if she were having a girl, she would name her baby after Julie. When they found out she was expecting a boy, she asked Julie and Katherine to help name her son. 

Shannon, our first student at the Pro-Life Training Center, at the NYS Fair passionately defending the Sanctity of Human Life!

Shannon at an inner-city church with an opportunity to explain the work of the local pregnancy center to a Syracuse city police officer.

“For the longest time I didn't know how I would go about properly speaking to people who claim to be pro-choice. God brought me to the Pro-Life Training Center where I learned everything from how to bring up the sensitive subject to learning how to handle my emotions and effectively talk to women who are contemplating or have had abortions. I learned how to make my love shine through the conversations by holding my composure and properly listening.  God used my training to prepare me for what is to come, and I couldn't be more thankful!  Now when I talk on behalf of unborn children, I have a new light about me because instead of talking at people, I am talking to people.  I can't thank Julie and her family enough for the new ability to fulfill my purpose in life." - Shannon



Please pray for the facility, staff, students, as well as all the people who help us in so many different ways.


We need 5 people to give $5,000 each to help get the house up-to-date and repair or upgrade major appliances and systems (electrical, heating, etc.).

10 people giving $1,000 each will furnish and equip a classroom, a meeting room, and a worship/prayer room.

A one-time gift of $400 buys one bed, mattress, and sheets for a student to sleep on.

A gift of ANY amount will help the Pro-Life Training Center save lives. 

Spread the Word

Do you know someone who would thrive from dedicating one week, three months, one year or any other time period to learning to effectively share the pro-life message at the Pro-life Training Center?


Save the Storks 4050 Lee Vance View Suite 300 Colorado Springs, Co 80918

Note: Pro-Life Training Center

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