Pro-life Generation

Abortion has been common since the 1500s. The first recorded evidence of induced abortion was from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus in 1550 B.C. Many of the methods employed in early cultures were non-surgical. Physical activities such as strenuous labor, climbing, paddling, weightlifting, or diving were common techniques. It’s such a sad thing that abortion is so easy to get done, because it affects mothers in such a horrible way. It’s very similar to when John Brown wanted to free all the slaves, and he would kill anyone who stood in his way. He ended up killing a lot of people. The U.S. Marines put him down because of it, and they killed him by hanging him. As activists we are advocating for a life. We are not trying to kill anyone, but John Brown unbiblically was. We strive for the right to life, we don’t kill, yet people at planned parenthood are killing people. John Brown was against slavery; we are against abortions. We want to peacefully promote life, while John Brown forcefully killed anyone who was in his way. I loved to see all the agriculture, walk up and down the steps, see the Blue Ridge Mountain and the Shenandoah River, see the train, and meet new people with whom I got to share a new experience learning about the history of the magnificent Harpers Ferry in West Virginia.

Here at the Pro-life Training Center, I have had different opportunities to attend different pro-life events like the March for Life in Washington DC. I would describe the March for Life as a lifetime opportunity. We made history, all 400,000 of us! It was my first time seeing President Trump in person, and he made history by being the first sitting president to attend the March! After 50 years, praying worked! Let me tell you, tennis shoes are a must! We were blessed to walk among 400,000 activists and Pro-Life people. It was a really awesome experience walking and cheering for what we believe in.


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