Sanctity of Life

Rose, Giavanna and Marciana in front of Planned Parenthood in Charleston, South Carolina

It was an awesome experience to go down to South Carolina for vacation and ministry. We got a lot of book work done. I learned how to talk to someone who is going through an unplanned pregnancy and is in a crisis. It was a real blessing to have Julie leading us in the book study. She brings a lot of experience in the field and can really pour into us. One funny thing was when we were at South Carolina it started out warm and then for a couple of days it was colder there than it was in New York!

On the way back to the Pro-life Training Center we visited Harpers Ferry in West Virginia, the sight of the second armory appointed by Gorge Washington in 1795. This was also the place that a riot lead by John Brown took place. John Brown was one of the first people in Virginia to take a complete stand for the rights of African Americans. He was outraged at the concept of having a person as a slave and as no more than property. He took measures into his own hands. In 1859 he led a bloody revolt to free the slaves and continued the riot until the US Marine Core defeated him. Although Brown lost the immediate battle, his actions were another building block leading up to the Civil War.

Although Brown’s ideas were not Godly, as he was willing to kill anyone who would stand in his way from freeing the slaves, I can relate to him. We both agree on the sanctity of life and why life should be protected. When I represent the Pro-life Training Center standing on the sidewalk to show people a better way, I am peacefully defending the rights of the unborn. All life is to be cherished because God is the one who creates and sustains life. Due to sin being in humans beginning with Adam and Eve, throughout history people have forgotten how precious life is, both born and in the womb. In contrast to John Brown’s approach, we have the love of Jesus that is sharper than any two-edged sword, and this weapon will work better in changing hearts and minds than any earthly weapon.

RJ Hurlburt

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