Seeds of Righteousness

One thing that I learned from and was encouraged by, came on one of the last days that we did street evangelism. A girl stopped by our truth table, curious about what we were doing.

Joanna and Julieann at a truth table in Syracuse, NY.

We explained our pro-life position to her and how abortion hurts women and is sinful in the sight of God. She told us told us how happy she was that we were working to bring awareness to the wrong of abortion and proceeded to tell us her story. She told us that she had an abortion a few years ago. Instead of having the procedure done, she was given the abortion pill. She was told that this method would be an easy and safe “fix” but instead, she had had a horrible, painful experience with the process. She told us that her experience convinced her that abortion is a bad option and that she believes that no one else should get one. She also told us that she got saved a few years ago and explained that that had come after a long time of running from God. She seemed to be very interested in growing in her relationship with God and seemed to understand the importance of surrounding herself with good, positive influences while working to escape the situations that were sinful and in other ways, harmful to her and her spiritual growth. She even accepted our invitation to go to church that night.

Meeting this girl encouraged me and helped me to understand and be reminded of how God works as I listened to her share some of her life experiences. Doing street evangelism allows us to share the Gospel with a lot of people but we don’t see nearly as many salvations. In my experience, I have told the story of the Gospel to all kinds of people and even had some fantastic conversations with them but after that we part ways, no decision being made on their part. I have met many people on the path to salvation but who are not yet ready for it. I have also met people who say they trusted in Jesus Christ but are doing nothing to grow in their Christian life. I find this frustrating and discouraging. As I thought about this girl’s story and the different events that took place before she finally came to salvation, God reminded me that all of us are on a journey; each of the people that heard the Gospel from us in the last few weeks are on a journey. For some it is a journey that will hopefully one day lead them to find Christ and for others it is the daily battle and commitment to follow Christ with all our hearts. I thought about the people in this girl’s life who shared the Gospel with her and told her about Jesus but didn’t get to see her trust Him. They very well could have felt as I do sometimes, but God used them to cultivate the seeds sown in her life and then brought her to us where I could see and be encouraged by the fruits of another’s labor. This reminded me of what Paul wrote about in 1 Corinthians. God uses many different people in unique ways to grow seeds that have been planted in other’s lives. Many of the people that I shared the Gospel with are not as far along on their journey yet. I can only hope and pray and trust that someday some of the people that I shared with will be telling someone else about their story. This encounter encouraged me to keep planting seeds; to keep having a heart willing to be used along other’s journeys all the while trusting that each good work God begins, He will complete (Phil. 1:6).

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