The Great Commission

Julie, Joanna, and Kay inf ront of Planned Parenthood in Syracuse, NY.

The ministry of the Rosati’s and the pro-life training center is fantastic! During my stay, I have learned a lot about the huge need there is for this type of ministry. I have always supported the pro-life movement because I believe that abortion is a horrible injustice and something that should be fought but for me it was more of a political leaning. The pro-life training center has given me the opportunity to be on the front lines of the pro-life movement by meeting, working with, and counseling women who have had or are planning to have abortions, This has given me a greater passion to help women dealing with it. The pro-life training center is a great opportunity for exposure to the more personal side of abortion by offering opportunities to reach out to moms affected by it and build relationships with them where we are able to share the Gospel and minister to them in unique ways.

One aspect of this ministry is the pop-up pregnancy center where we do our best to provide moms in need with baby supplies such as diapers, clothing, strollers, etc. This has given me the opportunity to mentor several of these moms, one of my favorite parts of this ministry. I call them every week or so and get to know them by asking questions and seeing if they need anything. Often that leads me to opportunities to pray for them and share the Gospel with them. A few of the moms that I am mentoring are Christians and I have been able to encourage them to read their Bibles and even recommend them to some local churches to attend and get their kids plugged into. I have also been able to hold Bible studies with some of these moms. It is so encouraging to see them invite us into their homes and be given the opportunity share the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

We also went to abortion clinics in Syracuse and Schenectady. We try to talk with the girls going in for abortions and make them aware of alternatives to abortion and encourage them to choose life. Some will stop and listen to you but then go in anyway. Others don’t even want to talk with you and sometimes get angry. We did however meet a girl a few weeks ago who talked with us so long that she missed her appointment after trying unsuccessfully, multiple times to get one! She was only 17 and hadn’t told her family that she was pregnant. After talking with Julie and the rest of our group she chose life for at least another day!

Each day is exciting as we are meeting new people and getting more opportunities to share the love of Jesus and get to watch and be a part of what God is doing to save lives. There couldn't be a better way for us to live out the Great commission.

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